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Rap Group RBM


Asia aka Milli began to love poetry at the age of 8 when she had a teacher that inspired her to express her emotions thru words instead of anger. Growing up, dealing with controlling her anger she found it harder to focus on writing  poetry and began getting into trouble. Years later at 16, the loss of many friendships, getting into trouble, and other things she begun to write again, this time making music.


Kani a.k.a Draco was always a confusing kid nobody really understood her. Growing up she really didn’t have any friends so she turned to music. In her younger years she would preform in front of the neighborhood kids and their parents. She didn’t have the support or courage to keep going so she stopped.


RBM became a group once the 2 young ladies came together. After both dealing with losses, and similar life experiences they realized they both had the same passion and dreams for music.